Madan Mohan - The Musical Legend

The Genesis of
This Website is an effort to share with his fans all that our family knows and has discovered about him and his music.  html/website/websitenote.html

The Legend
An insight into his life through information derived from his living family members and admirers.

His Music
Detailed Filmography & Songography of almost 700 songs composed by him till date, listed chronologically.

Golden Moments
Features a PHOTO GALLERY, an AUDIO GALLERY with rare clips in Madanji's voice, and a new VIDEO GALLERY of rare moments

Friends, peers and family members share their tributes on the musical legend.

Unreleased Songs
Two Albums of Unreleased Songs composed by Madanji - Tere Bagair & Kaise Kategi Zindagi (Mohd. Rafi) and other Unreleased Songs.

What's New

Grateful Acknowledgments:
Vishwas Nerurkar (Author of "Madan Mohan - Ulimate Melodies")
V. M. Joshi & Suresh Kumar Rao (Authors of "Madan Mohan - An Unforgettable Composer")
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